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What do you need to pay attention to for customizing badges?

The problem with customizing badges is not finding a supplier, but?

The difficulty of customizing badges is not to find suppliers, but to decide the design draft and badge scheme. What is easy to overlook in badge making? Following the Commemorative Challenge Gold medal supplier would like to share with us.

1. Unclear positioning of badges

From the beginning, many users did not know whether their company needed to customize a commemorative badge or just a suit badge or suit badge worn on the collar. This is a key question, because commemorative badges have commemorative significance, and there are a lot of different production process and requirements, and the suit collar of the kind of badge requirements "fine, thin, high, strong, zhizhi", and in the production process is quite exquisite. Badge positioning high-end or positioning the general public should also be considered a problem.

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2. Inexact badge size

Why is the badge size inaccurate? This is because most customers don't understand the presentation and style of badges. In fact, the main point of badges is that they should not be separated from the company no matter where they are worn or where they are used. Because the size of the badge, the size of the badge, the size of the badge is not accurate, too big is very ugly, unsightly, too small is a little point, nothing to show.

3. The number of badges is not accurate

The number of badges is not accurate, do not know the number of orders of badges, it is not able to fundamentally and effectively control the production cost of badges, badges quote, the price of badges, in the procurement of badges on the price of badges can not have an absolute advantage. It's because of the cost of making the badge - it's all about quantity. The more the cheaper, on the contrary, less quantity, the badge production price is higher.

Individual SOHO crafts often receive search commemorative medallion after the deal is really a badge, I hope this article can let you have a clear understanding! Also welcome each new old customer to contact us!

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