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What is the process of metal medal customization?

What is the process of metal medal customization?

What is the process of metal medal customization? Every metal medal is made and carved with heart. As the effect of metal medal customization directly affects the quality of sales, so metal medal customization design is the key. So, the metal medal customization process what, the following custom Souvenir Medal  supplier China would like to share us.

Metal medal custom design process selection

Main is widely used in mechanical molding process, and this is closely related with material characteristics, high melting point metal MEDALS usually use stainless steel metal, casting molding is difficult, and metal MEDALS with stainless steel metal hardness is low, have certain plastic processing performance and adopt suitable machining parameters and processing equipment, can obtain High Quality Custom Gold Medals.

Metal medal customization process

Is the use of lathes to directly process stainless steel metal profiles into MEDALS, rings and bracelets in the most common MEDALS, a large proportion. The ring ring is made of stainless steel and alloy by lathe respectively. Due to the respective material characteristics of stainless steel and qin alloy, turning has certain difficulties, according to the characteristics of the material, to select and formulate the corresponding processing parameters, to ensure the machining accuracy and surface quality of MEDALS.

custom Souvenir Medal supplier China

What is the process of metal medal customization?

Metal medal making is not only about quality, but also about what it means and what it means. Customized MEDALS are a special product, with its senior special significance. So the meaning of MEDALS must be positive, to inspire people to work hard. Bespoke medal is a kind of reward to successful person originally, a kind of incentive. But when choosing the craft, we must pay attention to the selection of materials, which is also an important indicator of the quality of our customized MEDALS. If you don't know these professional knowledge! Please contact our manufacturers to recommend samples and cases for you, only for your professional customization of the only badge MEDALS!

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