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What role does electroplating play in making badges?

What role does electroplating play in making badges? Shared by Ribbon emblem supplier.

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As we all know, badges, drawing and stamping die casting or is one of the indispensable process, but there is a more important also we should pay attention to process, it is electroplating, plating in badge production also played a very important role, let's take a look at when the badge production plating several functions:

Firstly, the technique of depositing a metal coating with good adhesion but different properties from the base material on the metal badge products by electrolysis is introduced. Electroplating makes the surface layer of badges more uniform than the hot-dip layer, which is generally thinner, ranging from several microns to dozens of microns. Through electroplating, the surface layer of decorative protection and various functions can be obtained on mechanical products, and the worn and mis-processed workpiece can be repaired. In addition, according to the various badge electroplating needs have different roles.

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1. Badge copper plating: primer, improve the adhesion ability of electroplating and corrosion resistance.

2. Badge nickel plating: the base is used or made for appearance to improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance (among which the wear resistance of chemical nickel is higher than that of chromium plating in modern technology).

3. Badge gold plating: improve conductive contact impedance and enhance signal transmission.

4. Nickel palladium plating: improved conductive contact impedance, improved signal transmission, better wear resistance than gold.

5. Tin lead plating: improve the welding ability, quickly replaced by other substitutes (because most of the lead is now replaced by bright tin and fog tin).

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