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The importance of badge polishing

The importance of badge polishing shared by School Uniform Emblem supplier.

Badge manufacturers produced a beautiful personality of each badge, are a lot of processes to complete, the product made not beautiful, not smooth, texture is good, is basically decided by polishing this link. In fact, badges manufacturers make other arts and crafts gifts are basically using polishing links, such as the production of key rings, signs, luggage tags, dog tags, MEDALS, COINS, mobile phone chains and so on need to polish. Today we will focus on one important detail in polishing:

The quality of the customized badge polishing, the hemp wheel should play an important role:

1, hard hemp wheel, six and seven turns of the line, dedicated to throwing enamel badge, copper paint badge, and copper color products!

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2, loose hemp wheel, specializing in three-dimensional products and products with radians, also pay attention to the details of small products, and small letter products, because with hard hemp wheel polishing, the details will paste together, which will affect the beauty of the product!

3, hard hemp wheel, the whole wheel line dense, special cast iron, and iron products, large metal surface products, because the iron is relatively hard! First toss with a hard hemp wheel!

4, cloth wheel, of course, this kind of wheel is relatively soft, the product after the hemp wheel polishing will have cast marks, with cloth wheel gently rub, make the surface of the product mirror, so that the product gloss will be better, so cloth wheel is also an essential step!

The above is the Ribbon emblem supplier to say with everybody polishing link of small common sense, although be small common sense, but can decide the quality of the product good with bad, do not ignore so!

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