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What kind of material should be selected for the badge on the car?

What kind of material should be selected for the badge on the car? Here the Gold 3D Badges Emblem supplier China would like to share with you.

When walking on the road, you will occasionally see some cars in front of the logo around the lion club or other organizations badge display, in fact, this is some organizations (such as the lion club) personnel logo, the car is equipped with badges, not only show dignity and atmosphere, but also a kind of identity.

Lions badge customization

But because the car emblem is not the same as wearing badges, because the car will be dirty after a sharp, for this reason, if is the use of the material is not good to customize badge, it is easy to fade and oxidation, so the car configuration badge must choose the material of high-end, badge material is not easy to fade is the true enamel, true enamel badges badge badge is also called the pure copper or copper, copper badge, this is several copper is ultra-high purity materials, suitable for car badges.

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Genuine enamel logo customization

Genuine enamel logo, good texture, not easy to change color and deformation, but genuine enamel production process complex, high price. But you can't save money on a good car with a good badge.

We are a professional insignia production factory, we welcome new and old customers to order all kinds of insignia, metal insignia, stamping insignia, baking insignia, LOGO insignia, printing insignia, imitation enamel insignia and other high-grade insignia production.

That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply custom Gold 3D Badges Emblem for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.

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