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Cufflinks: The Magic Of Detail

Fashion personalized cufflinks add a touch of color to dull dresses and suits and give men a chance to show their own aesthetic appreciation.All say the woman wants delicate, that the man can rough?Of course not.Today's men are not satisfied with the rough positioning, have a man at the same time, but also want to be a little more refined.When considering what clothes to wear to highlight their own taste, perhaps many men will ignore, the details are often a key link in determining taste.What are the details?The place that waits in line of sight edge, cuff, trousers leg, belong to detail.Men can also be delicate if they put a little more effort into these details.

Among men's accessories, everyday items such as wallets, watches and ties are the first to come to mind and the most common, worn or collected by almost every man.Watches are used by men to show economic strength, ties are used by men to express aesthetic taste. In fact, there is another kind of accessories, in the slightly boring business men's fashion occupies a position that can not be ignored, that is cufflinks.

It is often seen that in a business negotiation, a number of successful men, from afar, are as good as the general agreement to wear similar suits, the color is either blue or gray, or there are one or two pure black, some collar a little bigger, some a little smaller, some more slender waist, some more loose.In short, although there is a difference, there is not much difference.They wear different ties, which is what makes someone stand out from the crowd.Ties come in thousands of different colors, and choosing the right one is the finishing touch to a suit. Further down the line, between the business moves and the strategic moves, the occasional cufflink catches the eye, and the classic square cufflinks must be owned by a stickler for detail.

"Shirt cuffs should be exposed an inch of the sleeve of the suit," the law of wearing a suit many people know, exactly why a cut of shirt cuffs?Cufflinks are the real reason.

"Shirt cuffs should be exposed an inch of the sleeve of the suit," the law of wearing a suit many people know, exactly why a cut of shirt cuffs?Cufflinks are the real reason.

The design wedding gift cufflinks supplier must note that cufflinks are not the two buttons sewn into the cuff of a shirt, and not all shirts can wear cufflinks.The cufflink style of the shirt cuff is different from that of a regular shirt, with a sleeve design called French cuff or French cuff (musketeer for example, French for example).Most shirts now focus on style and color, which is fine, but it misses the point that the cuffs should match the cufflinks.The traditional French shirt is still popular among European business men and is often worn on formal occasions.Strictly speaking, only french-sleeved shirts are considered proper with a formal suit, and cufflinks should be worn at the same time.The French fold sleeve that tie-in cufflink is beautiful and elegant, the design of cufflink and material are enough to show the strength that wears with grade.

There are no buttons on the cuffs of the French folding sleeves, which are replaced by two symmetrical buttonholes.The thickened part of the sleeve lining is twice as long as an ordinary shirt, and when you wear it, you fold over the part that has grown out. Then you pull the opening that needs to be combined together parallel and secure it with cufflinks.Simply put, roll up the sleeves of the shirt and clamp them so that the sleeves are flat and then pull them through with cufflinks.Cufflinks and shirts are two separate items that are not connected to each other.The French fold cuff with the cufflinks is not round from the front but rather a droplet shape.Look from flank, shirt cuff grows suit cuff, the cufflink of modelling each different is in suit cuff be like a shadow if show, implicative not make public, come out of the time, again more a minute jing.Cufflinks have a long history.From the 14th to 17th centuries, from the Renaissance to the baroque, European men put a lot of emphasis on dressing up and fashion.Stylish men wear several small but tasteful accessories, cufflinks may be the smallest of them all.Cufflink material material chooses precious metal more, more exquisite enchased gem even, this one characteristic continues all the time up to now, the cufflink that now formal occasion USES is sold in high-grade bazaar, with pen, watch wait for male luxury goods together.

Classic Square Cufflinks

Classic Square Cufflinks

In the early days of cufflinks, the cuff was designed as a display part of the shirt, and its role in keeping out the cold was only gradually valued after 1530.At that time, the design of the shirt was not mature, people often simply fold back the cuff, or another piece of cloth, and then in the wrist area with a rope, so that the front of the cuff like a flower spread, if with a different color, you will reap unexpected results.Gradually, the ordinary rope is not enough to match the bright color, full shape of the cuff, so for the men who dress up began to use gold and silver and other precious metals to create a thin chain instead of the rope, the two ends of the chain is fixed on different materials and shapes of buttons, this formed the ancestor of cufflinks - cuff.Cufflinks are the most primitive and traditional cufflinks.The cuff is fixed with a short metal chain fastener. Because the metal chain is easier to bend, it is easy to fit in. It is widely used and often seen in the antique market.Later, in the pursuit of simplicity and practicality, the chain was omitted, the cufflink.So cufflinks are "cufflinks", meaning "connections", not buttons.It is obviously not appropriate for the cuff to be hidden with fancy cufflinks, so the design of the men's coat will arrange the cuff to be several centimetres shorter than the shirt, allowing the beautiful cufflinks to be fully displayed.As suits and shirts became standard, this rule of dress was retained.

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