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What custom badges need to be gummed up?

What custom badges need to be gummed up?

Adding glue is to add a layer of transparent resin on the surface of the badge, to protect the badge, beautiful badge, is a common process in the production of badges, so what kind of badge needs to add glue, what kind of badge does not need to add glue, it depends on the badge production process:

Customized printing of badges

Insignia need to be printed with glue: the pattern used to protect the surface of the insignia. Common insignia are screen printing and flat printing, which are collectively called insignia of glue or plastic.

Enamel badges, imitation of enamel badges do not need to add glue: badges into the enamel paste, after polishing, the surface becomes smooth and firm, generally the color does not drop lightly.

Bake lacquer badge does not need to add glue commonly: the biggest characteristic of badge of bake lacquer feels strongly namely line, did not have concave and convex feeling after adding glue.

Enamel badge customization, imitation enamel badge customization, paint badge production, printing badge customization and other kinds of badge customization please see:


Enamel badge customization

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