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Types and Choices of Cufflinks

Design wedding gift cufflinks supplier introduces the types of cufflinks for you

From the structural point of view, there are roughly three types of cufflinks: chain and nail, and movable. The cufflinks were the earliest representative of the upper class. As can be seen from the style of the cufflinks, the chain and nail cufflinks are not movable. . Therefore, the early cufflinks are not movable.

The cufflinks are the most original, traditional and elegant cufflinks. The cufflinks are also known as chain cufflinks. The two veneers are linked by a chain structure in the middle. They are characterized by double-sided viewing, so they are more classic and retro than ordinary single-cufflinks.

There are two kinds of nail-shaped cufflinks, characterized by "big head" and "little tail". The front and rear ends are smooth metal buttons, the rear end is generally smaller than the front end, and the overall look is a bit like a different dumbbell from left to right. When wearing, neither the big head nor the small head can be moved, and the small head can be fixed through the sleeve eye.

There is another similar to the above, but the "needle" of the cufflinks usually has a certain arc, and the front and rear ends are spherical.

The movable cufflinks are also the product of mechanized production. The tail is movable, convenient and simple, and can be worn by oneself. At this time, the cufflinks are no longer exclusive to the aristocracy.

Bounce cufflinks are one of the most common styles on the market. The "pin" at the end is placed in an inner frame, and the cylindrical metal rear end is like a bullet, which can be rotated 360 degrees, and can be passed through the sleeve of the shirt after being raised. Whale tail cufflinks are similar to bullet cufflinks. The name whale tail vividly summarizes the characteristics of this type of cufflinks. The tail buckle is like the tail of a whale.

Classic square cufflinks

Classic square cufflinks

Choice of cufflinks

How to choose the right cufflinks? Mainly related to two aspects: shape and material.

Although the cufflinks are small objects, they have many designs. Some cufflinks have novel designs, such as animals, bullets, skulls, etc. Although these patterns are fashionable, they are not suitable for formal occasions, so do n’t choose unless you just want to party with your girlfriend or mix and match jeans.

Elegant gentlemen will not choose cufflinks designed with trademarks. No matter what the goods are, the huge logo will affect the taste.

The basic styles of cufflinks are simple geometric shapes of metal materials, round, square, and other shapes. Classic square cufflinks are conservative, calm, and versatile.

Since cufflinks made of precious metals such as gold and platinum are expensive, in order to avoid loss and damage, most people who have used cufflinks use stainless steel cufflinks as the first choice, which is tough and tough. In addition to stainless steel, you can usually wear gold-plated cufflinks with good quality.

When attending serious formal occasions, if you wear a suit, you can match it with jade, silver coral, lapis lazuli, precious metals, and even rare gemstone cufflinks.

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