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What's The Use of Hanging a Mobile Phone On a Cord?

1. Be special

Sublimation lanyard can be used to display your favorite mobile phone. Beautiful lanyard and high-tech mobile phone with clothes can instantly brighten people's eyes and make them feel fashionable.

2, beautiful, decorative.

Colorful mobile phone lanyards are also a beautiful decoration

3, hang up your boyfriend and girlfriend friends send mobile phone rope, or love witness, on behalf of the meaning of care.

You send such a beautiful and multi-functional mobile phone lanyard to friends, to boyfriend and girlfriend, to family, to lovers, it is a representative of a kind of care meaning ah, full of deep meaning heavy.

4, long mobile phone rope and anti - loss function.

Mobile phone with our multi-function mobile phone lanyard, mobile phone can prevent throw and fall, every time you can directly drop off the phone, mobile phone can still be safe, convenient and safe.

5. Tie it to your waistband to prevent it from being stolen.

If you have an uncle fan, you can also tie your mobile phone to your waistband with our multi-function lanyard to prevent it from being stolen.

6. Easy to take out of your pocket.

There is a lanyard here to pull directly out of the pocket, especially convenient.

When mobile phone lanyard appears in daily life, it is not only an artifact to use mobile phone, but also a representative object to show personal aesthetic standards with the appearance level!Usher in the New Year, that installs the mobile phone of oneself on a high appearance level to have the girl's heart of mobile phone lanyard ~

Luggage strap supplier think: everyone for the mobile phone dress up and the heart of protection are not to say, but want to dress up a personality and beautiful mobile phone appearance, some exquisite mobile phone hanging ornaments must not miss!

And mobile phone lanyard hangs a part as mobile phone in act the role ofing, occupy the line of sight of many girls, especially when use good-looking and practical mobile phone lanyard, connect today go out the mood all good half!

The most important purpose of mobile phone lanyard is to alleviate the loss of mobile phone in the pocket, even when we accidentally lost it after riding a small electric car, but the appearance level of mobile phone lanyard is also very important!

Young girl heart and appearance level have the mobile phone that hold a string to grow what appearance?I believe that everyone has their own ideas, but for some high appearance level of mobile phone lanyard always can't help but want to see two eyes ~

Sublimation Lanyard

Sublimation Lanyard

Simple and clean design always has a special feeling, using high-quality cloth, very soft and smooth, pure white color set off the creative stick figure painting lines, but also imitate the radian of the heartbeat.Choose high quality cloth, feel it has a comfortable feel.The detachable design can meet the needs of different occasions, and the creative patterns and colors on the hanging line are very exquisite. Although it is a thin hip layout, it looks very good when hanging on the phone.The design of the multi-function interface can be hung in different positions, and the text on the solid color background is very attractive.The mobile phone hanging rope of silk scarf style has super soft and comfortable hand feeling, and the lovely and festive pig element is very suitable for the New Year's atmosphere. The red hanging rope matching color foils the opening pig which represents the beautiful meaning, and hangs on the mobile phone with great personality.Low-key and simple design is always attractive, wide cloth edge of the mobile phone string hanging on the neck will not have pain, the girl heart design is very delicate and good-looking.From the visual point of view, the creative mobile phone lanyard with a girl's heart, the design of the tie knot is not easy to fold in half, the color matching of the candy and the lock on the healing unicorn cartoon animal, very suitable for soft sister to use ~ lanyard length is very moderate, not long not short, very lovely, also very resistant to dirty ~

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