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Badge production FAQ

Badge production FAQ

The production process of Gold 3D Badges Emblem industry is more and more tedious, must not make mistakes in every link to ensure good products, but in the actual production process will always encounter a variety of problems, learn lessons to avoid making the same mistake in the future is a fundamental enterprise survival.

After an order is issued, a product will start to be pressed. In the process of pressing, sometimes the mold will collapse, so a new mold must be carved out. Such problem is accidental, but it will delay the delivery date of the product.

Suppressed after good to send to polishing polishing workshop, because the product just blanked out, there are a lot of burr, the corners by polishing the product smooth light, some common problems at this stage is in the process of polishing lines are fine products may be thrown to the cast product paste, known as a line, so that products become very ugly, serious when need to suppress, to avoid such problems, we need to leave the lines when drawing a deep points, in addition also need to pay attention to during the process of polishing cannot throw too heavy.

Promotional Customized Soft enamel badges

The back of the metal custom Gold 3D Badges Emblem products are generally to add stabbing needle, but some one, some two, in addition to the length of the needle is also different, so the problem comes, we must pay attention to the invoice, the number of needles must be written, is about two needles or two needles.

Many times, there were two needles on the order, but only one was welded out. The workers who welded the needles did not know English, and they did not know it until they wrote it clearly. After that, it is necessary to clean the electroplating, and the products are plated with nickel. Sometimes, the products are found to have a lot of bubbles after electroplating. In this way, it is necessary to rework, or it will be bulged up after coloring. Some products have too many lines, and the color is difficult to be applied. Due to manual coloring, some products may be left with very fine nap, which cannot be given to customers. In addition, there may be some color errors and omissions. So everyone must be careful to avoid such problems. Color will need to add some products after polly (polly is a transparent resin used to protect the color of the lacquer that bake to increase product gloss), plus polly polly could some products and not enough thick, is to add a layer, add after polly to put in the oven roasted to death, temperature and time to control good or polly will turn yellow. When the product is ready, it can be put into the packaging room for packaging. Please pay attention to the packaging requirements when packaging. There are plenty of blank bags, some customers will choose OPP self-adhesive bags, and some customers will specially need special bags. These are common problems in production.

A good  custom Gold 3D Badges Emblem, not only from the point of view of design and production, in the process of implementation of the whole process of every detail is to pay attention to.

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