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The Collocation Choice of Cufflinks

There are two types of shirts that need to be paired with classic square cufflinks, dress-specific wing collar shirts; and the most formal French shirts.

French shirt

Strictly speaking, the most formal shirt with a suit should be a French double-sleeve shirt, and wear custom logo cufflinks.

The biggest feature of the French shirt is the French double-sleeve sleeves, the dress shirt and the ordinary shirt are single-fold sleeves. The thickened part of the French shirt's cuffs is lined with thickened parts that are twice as long as the ordinary shirts. The grown parts should be folded over when worn, and then the openings that need to be merged are paralleled together and fixed with finely made cuff links.

Traditional suits include dresses. In order to highlight the nobleness, the collar has always been wrapped around the neck. Orthodox suits or dresses, whether comfortable or not, are not the key. As a high-level etiquette culture, nobleness is the most important thing. The collar of the French shirt is higher than that of the ordinary shirt, which can fully show the tall temperament of the gentlemen.

The French shirt design is very simple, there is no front patch, the reinforced part of the buttonhole bottom fabric is placed on the inside, and it looks smooth when not wearing a tie. This front is called the French front; there is no patch pocket on the left front chest, which is also a characteristic of the French shirt. one.

French shirts emphasize tailoring. Fitting is an elegant attitude. Fitted shirts can accurately fit the body shape while correcting the lack of body shape. It is a good work and naturally becomes a symbol of the wearer.

Custom Logo Cufflinks

Custom Logo Cufflinks

Dress shirt

A dress shirt is a shirt used when paired with a specific dress (tuxedo, morning dress, tuxedo). Of course, its shape is also different from the general formal shirt. Nowadays, many so-called "dress shirts" are styles in which wing collars, business collars (common collars), front chest organ pleats, and French double-sleeve sleeves are randomly spliced together. Strictly speaking, they are not elegant.

There are two types of dress shirts, the correct shape is:

The standard system of the enterprise collar dress shirt is: enterprise collar (common collar) + chest pleats + French double sleeves. With the trend of simplification of clothing culture becoming more and more popular, the organ pleat of the collar dress shirt is often simplified and removed, so it is also possible to use the French shirt instead of the collar dress shirt.

No matter how the trend of men's clothing tends to be simplified, strictly speaking, some fixed collocation models should not be tampered with.

The standard shape of the wing collar dress shirt is: wing collar + hard chest + dress style single stack sleeves. Men do n’t usually take off their jackets while wearing a dress, so the style cut out on the front of the shirt fits the curved space left by the front chest. Wing collar hard-lined dress shirts with large and small dresses meet the etiquette specifications, compared with other styles of dress shirts, the scope of matching is wider.

The dress button used for dress shirt is also exquisite. It does not use the original shell button of the shirt, but has a special button for dress. The dress buckle is generally made of precious metal, inlaid with natural shells, gems, diamonds, etc. The color is black and white.

Both cufflinks and dress buckles are used in sets, even if white dress buckles are used, the cufflinks should also be white; for black cufflinks, the dress buckles should also be black.

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