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The patch

The patch

Patch, custom clothing embroidery patch is to show the small cloth piece that the cover is broken hole and nail fills on clothes, bedclothes. Now it also refers to small programs released to solve problems that are exposed during the use of large software systems, such as Microsoft's operating system, which are usually discovered by hackers or virus designers. Like the clothes will be patched, people writing programs can not be perfect, so the software will inevitably appear bugs, and the patch is to fix these bugs do because the original release of software defects, found after another to compile a small program to improve, this small program commonly known as the patch. Patches, custom woven patches are made by the original authors of the software and can be downloaded from the website.

The original definition

Customized Embroidery patch is to point to the missing part that appears because of the reason such as damage on clothes, bedding, to conceal these broken holes, prolong the use time of clothings, and the small cloth piece that nail fills.

Customized Embroidery patch

Customized Embroidery patch

Basic definition

Various software vulnerabilities have become one of the main causes of large-scale network and information security incidents and major information leaks. It is the most effective and economical preventive measure to fix the damage caused by computer vulnerabilities. For numerous Internet host node and increasingly complex variety of applications, it is difficult to ensure the installation of the patch is timely, and implement basic patch is the demand to the issuer to download the patch and installation process, rather than release party actively, to give you for the demand to provide a patch and deployment, thus to implement more on the demand of non-professional patches. For the large network with a large number of hosts and multifarious application types, the failure to timely track the update of patches and implement effective deployment will greatly threaten the network and information security and cause irreparable losses.

Software patch, is aimed at some large software systems, in the use of the process of the disclosure of the problem and released to patch small procedures. Just like the clothes will be broken patches, software also need, software is written by people, people write programs can not be perfect. Generally, in the process of software development, there are many factors that are not considered at the beginning, but as time goes by, the vulnerabilities in the software will be discovered gradually. At this point, in order to improve the security of the system, the software developer will write and release a small program (called patch) to fix these vulnerabilities.

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