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What are the techniques for making MEDALS?

What are the techniques for making MEDALS? Shared by Brass Medal supplier.

Enamel, imitation enamel, copper baking paint, iron baking paint, etching baking paint, printing and other processes, can be electroplated, silver, copper, ancient gold, ancient silver, bronze, sardine gold, sardine silver and so on.

High-grade MEDALS are a class of outstanding MEDALS collectively, generally well-made, clean layout, suitable font, beautiful packaging.

According to the different shapes can be divided into: Antique silver community medal, MEDALS, plates. Common medal materials: made of aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other materials, but also made of stone, wood, resin, organic, or even several combinations. Typical examples: Beijing 2008 Olympic MEDALS. According to the different process materials, it can be divided into: bronze medal, aluminum screen printing plate, stainless steel plate, titanium gold medal, sand gold medal, pile gold medal, plating gold medal, automobile baking paint plate, plate printing plate.

One, the design of the medal

The primary factor in a high grade medal is the style and style of the medal design, which should be special and not vulgar, which is a rare type in the market.

Ii. Materials for making MEDALS

High-grade medal production materials, from the current demand of medal production users, obviously custom cheap Copper Medal, stainless steel MEDALS can not meet the high-grade needs of customers, what to choose the medal material, determines whether the medal is high-grade.

Zinc alloy Swimming Award medal

Zinc alloy Swimming Award medal

Third, the medal production technology

In the nameplate manufacturing industry, the production process and production process used for the production of the medal will make this medal in the high-end, unique display of its original value orientation of the medal.

Four, the price of MEDALS

One cent one goods has been the value of any industry, any commodity law. It's hard to get high-end products at very low prices.

Five, the font standard of MEDALS

Many MEDALS, claiming to be high-grade MEDALS, but the font in the medal will not be used, the medal's headline set to which font, which font body set, completely do not know ah. Know all the common fonts.

Six, the content of the MEDALS correct advanced unit MEDALS and civilized units MEDALS often in the requirements of MEDALS of high quality, the most easy to ignore is to the content of the MEDALS. When making a high-grade medal, it is very important to check and verify the content of the medal.

Seven, medal layout clean

Colorful medal layout, I believe that no one will like. Here clean, does not mean dirty, mainly refers to disorderly and disorderly.

Eight, the main and secondary MEDALS

The production of high-grade MEDALS, it is necessary to medal style and style, content and body, the need to award the main and secondary decision. High-grade MEDALS, you are to show in the medal production of high-grade materials, or to show in the medal production process.

Nine, the details of the medal perfect

In the daily production of high-end MEDALS, there are many details to be carefully perfected. In addition to the main and big aspects, attention to local details is also necessary to strengthen. For example, what kind of medal wooden bracket to choose, what kind of medal back board to match it, is not to be despised.

Tenth, the medal packing is exquisite

High-grade medal packaging, as we each wear and dress, color collocation is exquisite beauty of nature, generous and appropriate, high-grade medal packaging, in its selection, the attention is to match. Use plain paper box or choose high-grade wooden brocade box, is very exquisite. How it is packaged depends entirely on the prestige and authority of the recipient of the medal.

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