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What if the medallion rusts?

What if the Souvenir Medal rusts? Following the Souvenir Medal Supplier would like to share with us.

Due to the wrong way of preservation or treatment should not lead to the collection of long - term commemorative MEDALS rusty how to deal with?

Careful care of the commemorative MEDALS/COINS can not withstand the suffering of time, will leave some rust on the surface, so that the exquisite commemorative MEDALS become rusty metal blocks, the value of collection is greatly reduced.

The cause is nothing more than these points, the preservation of moist environment, often touch the commemorative medallion with sweaty hands, the bare leakage of the commemorative medallion in the air, will lead to the speed of corrosion increased.

Souvenir Medal Supplier

Souvenir Medal Supplier

After all, the custom-made materials of Souvenir Medal are all alloy or precious metal. As time goes by, protection is not appropriate and will naturally lead to its surface rust.

But the rusty commemorative medallion can also be processed by chemical method, there are commemorative medallion customized manufacturer for you to answer:

For the less oxidized MEDALS, we can use a slow reaction, such as 5% dilute sulfuric acid, to gently wipe the surface, after treatment, and then put into a dry box to preserve.

For the MEDALS with more oxidation, they can be soaked in solution for 3 days, and then stored in a dry box.

We can also make the commemorative MEDALS produce natural oxidation layer and increase the gloss through later treatment. The methods are as follows:

Soak the clean and greaseless medallion in 10% 2-sulfite for 15 seconds, remove it and dry it with a dry towel before putting it in storage. This way, the medallion will be very shiny and will not be corroded any more.

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