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How To Use Clothes Stickers?

We are a embroidery patch floral supplier, do you know how to use patch stickers? Now,let me tell you.

Ironing method of clothing embroidery patches:

1. Keep the back clean before ironing, and adjust the temperature to the temperature suitable for the clothes according to the usage of the iron.

2. Put the bought clothes stickers, cloth stickers, or clothes patch stickers in the right place for clothes (do not tear off the glue), and iron them back and forth for a few times, generally about 15 seconds!

3. In order to prevent scalding, you can put a layer of muslin (not the faded cloth) on the clothing patch or cloth patch. After ironing, check the edge to see if it is well ironed. You can iron the edge several times

4. The temperature shall be determined according to the thickness of the cloth. If the cloth is thicker, the temperature shall be higher and the ironing time shall be longer. For very thick clothing stickers, you can iron the back a few more times.

5. The best way is to sew a few stitches on the edge of the cloth with needle and thread after ironing, so that it is more firm and also very comfortable.

6. If you don't have an iron at home, you can also directly use the same color of thread to paste the clothes, cloth and patch on the clothes.

Clothes Stickers

Warm Tips:

1. Clothes stickers are generally divided into two types: back glue and no back glue. Clothes stickers with back glue can be ironed or sewed. It's the choice of most people. The stickers without back glue need to be sewed. There's a benefit in sewing. If you don't wear them, you can use them in other clothes. Please choose the clothes you need when you buy

2. When the clothes are just ironed on the clothes and not completely cooled, do not tear them to see if they are firm. At this time, nine out of ten can tear them off. You must wait until the surface temperature of the clothes is completely cooled before checking.

3. The hot-melt adhesive is a 100% solid at room temperature. When heated to a certain temperature, it becomes a liquid. Once cooled below the melting point, it quickly becomes a solid. It has a melting point of 150 ℃, a release point of 7-13 seconds, a curing point of 7-14 seconds and a cooling point of 2-3 minutes.

All right! Here's how to use clothes patch, cloth patch and woven patches. I hope you can stick your favorite clothes to clothes according to the above steps to make your clothes full of personality!

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