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How to keep medals?

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Now the use of medal making is more and more extensive. Not only national institutions can customize medals, but also enterprises or individuals can customize medals in mints, reward employees or pay homage to individuals. How to maintain the medals after making? What are the methods? Here are some methods recommended for you, hoping to help you.

Medal is usually a symbol of our honor, and customized souvenir medal is a unique honor. I believe you will be very happy when you get customized souvenir medal and keep it carefully. Then our company will share some tips for you:

1. After the metal cup medal has been placed for a long time, there will inevitably be some dust, which is not bright. At this time, clean and soft cloth should be used to wipe it off, and those corner details that need special attention should be brushed off with soft brush;

2. To prevent metal trophies and medals from colliding with each other, do not stack them, it is easy to cause mechanical damage to medal making;

3. The place of the metal cup and medal must be kept dry, because the gold and silver materials are easy to appear red spots and white fog in the long-term humid environment, which affects the appearance of the medal making;

4. Prevent contact with harmful chemicals such as acids, greases, chlorides, etc.

5. Some medals will be damaged if they are too dry in the sun for a long time, so they should not be placed in the direct sunlight. Avoiding light, ventilation and proper humidity are important conditions to protect the medals. Otherwise, the colors of some medals are easy to change, and plastic and wood medals are easy to age and deform. Meanwhile, gold, silver, copper, iron, nickel, lead, aluminum and other materials should also be noted Light protection.

6. Fire prevention is an important link that every collector must pay attention to at all times, especially for those who smoke, the protection method of accidental injury is mainly to isolate, pay special attention not to look at the collection after drinking, in short, the protection of medals must be targeted and scientific If we want to be safe, we must not be careless.



The above is the information about how to maintain the medal after it is made. If you want to customize and process gold and silver coins / gold and silver bars / gold and silver plates, customize commemorative medals, customize large copper medals, customize commemorative coins, pure silver commemorative medals, customize commemorative medals, and silver commemorative medals, please come to us and accept the commemorative customized commemorative medals for major activities of major enterprises / governments / Finance / power / education and other industries, For the establishment of large-scale projects, customized gold and silver medals and anniversary customized gold and silver medals.

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