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Felt stitched with embroidery patches

Felt stitched with embroidery patches

Custom Embroidery Patches supplier shares that this embroidery patch style cuts the felt very close to the embroidery pattern because the felt does not wear out like other fabrics. Threading the felt is also easier. To embroider the felt, mark the design with tracing paper. Be sure to position the embroidery so that there is enough space around the embroidery pattern to trim the patches. Whatever you like to embroider. Satin stitching looks great on small patches, but you can also just embroider the outline. When the embroidery is finished, remove the mark. If tracing paper is used, remove the paper carefully. If you are using wool or wool blended felt (which can be kept in optimum condition), it is important to use cold or room temperature water when soaking embroidery. Warm water will shrink your patches.

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Next, cut out the actual patch. You can loosely follow the stitching shape shown or cut out regular shapes, such as circles or hexagons. The sample has nearly a quarter of the felt display, so there is plenty of room to sew the patch to something. But you can cut it closer. Just make sure you don't see any stitches so the embroidery pattern doesn't fall off.

To sew the felt patch on the garment, hold the patch in the desired position and embroider it around the edge with ordinary embroidery thread. You can use blanket stitch or whip stitch. Felt patches should not be cleaned frequently.

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