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Imitation Hard Enamel process introduction

Imitation Hard Enamel process introduction

Imitation hard enamel craft badge surface is flat, (relative to the lacquer that bake badges, in fact, imitation enamel on the surface of the metal line with your fingers to feel or a bit of a bump, smooth surface is treated with artificial polishing) on the surface of the line can be gold-plated, silver and other metal color, metal lines between filling imitation enamel color paste pigment.

Imitation enamel badges production process is similar to the enamel process (i.e., true or cloisonne enamel, with true enamel main difference is that use different pigment (a true enamel pigment particles, a color paste for synthetic enamel, imitation enamel color paste, badge make corresponding price also cheaper. Imitation enamel craft is consummate, badge, surface smooth, give a person a kind of very high-end luxury feeling. Is the first choice for badge making. If you are

First make a beautiful and high-grade badge, please choose imitation enamel badge.

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Imitation Hard Enamel

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