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Production Process Of Brass Medal

Award medal is a badge awarded to a meritorious person, an outstanding result in a competition, etc. Medals include: Sports medal, medal of honor, first-class Military Merit Medal, second-class Military Merit Medal, third-class Military Merit Medal, making first-class Military Merit Medal, processing second-class Military Merit Medal, third-class Military Merit Medal, first-class civil servant merit medal, second-class civil servant merit medal, third-class civil servant merit medal.Like some medals, such as the anniversary medal, it's also very collectible.

Anniversary Medal

Brass medal, usually a medal awarded to the third (third) winner of a competition (such as the Olympic Games). The two (runner up) and one (Champion) winners of the competition usually win silver and gold medals respectively. This practice is said to have been initiated by a Jewish king.

Brass Medal

Production process:

1.size determination

Cut the copper sheet according to the customer's requirements. The cutting should be square, 90 degrees for all four corners, with the edges folded or welded around, and 90 degrees for the bronze brand from the side to the back (the edge width is generally 2-3cm).

2.Cleaning surface

Wipe with clean gauze dipped in xylene or gasoline twice to remove oil stains on the surface of copper skin. It is better to use xylene. If there is no xylene or gasoline, it can also be replaced by hot water mixed with high-efficiency washing powder.

3.Polishing treatment

Put the cleaned copper skin on the grinding wheel and polish it on the cloth grinding wheel until it is bright. If there is no grinding wheel, carbon color can be used instead. The method is to take a straight ruler in the left hand and press it on the copper skin and use the carbon color in the right hand to rub it back on the copper skin until there is no bump or sand hole on the shiny surface of the copper skin.


Print the text that has been set out in proportion (setting out with copier or slide show) on the copper sheet with copy paper.

5.sticking tape and carving words

The whole copper plate (including text) shall be pasted and sealed with adhesive clear adhesive polyester tape.

6.Etch word

The carved text has not been sealed with tape. At this time, use 30% nitric acid to pour on the text. Wear rubber gloves to avoid burns. The concentration of nitric acid can be controlled by oneself in practice, and the time of concentration lower is longer, otherwise, the time is shorter.

7. Polishing

Polish the bronze again with a cloth wheel or carbon color.

8. Painting treatment

Spray transparent baking varnish or baking varnish on the copper skin. Air tools can be used for painting tools, and manual sprayers can be used instead of air compressors.

9.baking treatment

Bake at 120 ℃ for 1 hour. At this time, the baking paint is firm and the copper sheet is shiny.

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