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The Cultural Origins of Cufflinks

The cufflinks appeared earlier than the French shirt!

In addition to watches and rings, there are actually few accessories for men. In addition, cufflinks are definitely one of the most exquisite and gorgeous men's clothing. He highlights the wearer's dress taste and status, and also has other commemorative meanings. So knowing how to wear cufflinks is very important, design wedding gift cufflinks supplier to give you a detailed introduction to the cultural origin of cuffs.

What is a cufflink?

Cufflinks English cufflink, cuff link, cuff-link, cufflinks should be used on a special French cuff shirt, replacing the cuff button part, its size is similar to ordinary buttons, but because of the exquisite material and shape, more The styling and personalized customization play a decorative role.

The history of cufflinks

The earliest people used pins, belts, ropes, laces, and sleeve chains to connect clothing. However, as early as the 13th century, tailors had begun to use buttons to fasten them. Popular among people. In the 17th century, the two decorative buttons were chained together and worn. It was also the prototype of the original cufflinks. Wearing cufflinks has become a symbol of nobility and upper class people at that time, especially in Britain. Then the jeweler began to produce gold and silver "cufflinks", some were carved on the "cufflinks", and some were inlaid with precious stones on the cufflinks. Nobles and upper class people wear "cufflinks" to attend weddings or attend special occasions, and wearing classic square cufflinks has been called a symbol of a gentleman.

King Charles II, who appeared fashionable in fashion and often wears cufflinks, appeared in public. With his influence, he changed people's perception of this new accessory and also promoted the popularity of cufflinks. Also in the 17th century, people began to search for a more elegant way to connect cuffs, and began to use a chain. The two ends of the chain were fixed on gold and silver buttons, respectively. Cheap glass buckles appeared as substitutes for diamonds in the 17th century.

By the 18th century, a glass body was found again. This material resembled a precious stone with gemstones. Therefore, inlaying this material on the cufflinks quickly became popular. Soon this material spread from Britain to France and became a French noble. Get popular. The information about the cufflinks was first published in the London Gazette in 1684 and recorded a pair of "cuff buttons" with diamonds. In 1686, the journal also recorded a pair of gold-covered "cuff buttons". A pair of gold-plated single-chain cufflinks found in Suffolk, England. Although the trace of cufflinks appeared very early, the attempt to design cufflinks did not stop until the advent of French cuffs (also known as double cuffs) in the mid-19th century. This kind of cuff that France calls "poignet mousquetaire" makes cufflinks itself a trend of gorgeous clothing, paving the way for the development of cufflinks. Some people think that the design of French cuffs or double-sided cuffs was inspired by Alexandre Dumas's novel "The Count of Monte-Cristo" in 1845. The novel describes Baron Danglars' elegant and exquisite cuffs, "So dazzling and Luxury, especially sparkling diamonds adorning the cuffs of the shirts, and red ribbons hanging down the buttonholes. According to the novel, the tailors designed the original French cuffs. Anyway, until the Industrial Revolution All kinds of cheap cufflinks were mass-produced. The chain between the two buckles was replaced with a rod, and the other button was replaced with an easy-to-fasten clip. Many well-known design and clothing designers began to design custom sleeves Buttons and cuff-linkable shirts are popular with good quality and low price, which also promoted the rapid popularity of cufflinks and French cuff shirts.

However, in the 20th century, due to the mass production of clothing, buttons gradually replaced the use of cufflinks, and since then the production and use of cufflinks have been sluggish. Nowadays, fashion personalized cufflinks are popular again as an elegant and noble accessory. We can find a variety of cufflinks and French cuff shirts. ,elegant.

Fashion Personalized Cufflinks

Fashion Personalized Cufflinks

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