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A Man's Cufflinks Are Like a Woman's Earrings?

At first glance, appearance will be the first impression, and conversation and behavior will follow. Men who pay attention to appearance are always attractive, and shirts are the most frequent clothing for men.

The details can best show the taste, so men can work hard on clothing accessories. Such as scarves, bow tie, tie, custom logo cufflinks, tie clips, pens can be used to decorate a shirt.

Zhang Ailing said: "Cufflinks for men are like delicate earrings for women." Cufflinks originated in ancient Greece. During the Renaissance to the Baroque period, cufflinks became popular among European noble men. Perhaps in the eyes of some Chinese men, only politicians from various countries, royalty, company executives or attending some important occasions will wear cufflinks and only shirts that require cufflinks.

Custom Logo Cufflinks

Custom Logo Cufflinks

Types of fashion personalized cufflinks:

There are many types of cufflinks, most of which are made of metal. When choosing the cufflinks, not only do you need to consider the diameter of the cufflinks of the shirt, but also choose according to the structural design of the cuff.

Bullet Black Cufflinks

This is one of the most common styles on the market, and its essence is just like its name. The bullet shaft metal rod can rotate 360 degrees.

Whale back Closure Cufflinks

It is not much different from the bullet type, except that some modifications have been made at the tail and can only be rotated 90 degrees.

Onyx Cufflinks (Stud / Button Cufflinks)

It is difficult to wear alone in a gown. Because it is very similar to the button on the shirt, it is called Button Cufflinks.

Ball Return Cufflinks

Ball cufflinks often choose gems or other rare metals as the ball at the front of the cufflinks. Its pin is curved, but this model needs to be very careful during wearing, because it is very easy to fall off.

Locking Cufflinks

The buckle-type cufflinks are very mechanical and modern.

Chain Link Cufflinks

This is the most traditional and original. British Prince Charles often chooses this type of cufflinks, which can also be called cufflinks.

Silk Knot Cufflinks

Compared with other styles, the knot cufflinks are more colorful, which is very suitable for young people who do not want to be too old-fashioned.

Buying recommendations for men's cufflinks

Cufflinks can usually be paired with musketeer cuffs, french cuffs, or French reverse pleated sleeves. French pleated sleeve shirts are mostly chosen to match with formal suits. They are characterized by high collars, collar support grooves, French pleated sleeves, close tailoring, no front patch, and a simple design with no patch pocket on the left chest.

How to wear cufflinks

French reverse pleated shirt cufflinks use steps ▼

1. Reverse the cuffs so that the holes overlap;

2. Thread the "needle" of the cufflinks from the back of the hand and out from the palm cuff to fix it

3. Lock the cufflinks;

4. Adjust the direction of the cufflinks.

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