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Four Common Crafts for Badge Custom Logos!

Gift giving in modern society is not just a good relationship, it can also play an advertising role. Therefore, domestic metal craftsmanship.

Products are developing rapidly. Now whether it is advertising promotional items, business gifts, car gifts, promotional items, travel souvenirs, luggage accessories gifts, there is a printing company LOCO, which makes its products achieve an advertising role. Among these craft gifts, keychains, honor badges, signs, dog tags, luggage tags, commemorative coins, medals, bookmarks, refrigerator stickers, golf forks / hat clips, bottle openers, etc. are common. So what are the commonly used crafts for crafting gift LOG0? The ribbon emblem supplier introduces several common crafts:

First, the most commonly used screen printing:.

Basic Principles of Screen Printing: The basic principles of using the screen printing plate to penetrate the ink of the graphic part and the non-graphic part of the screen

For printing. When printing, pour ink on one end of the screen printing plate, and apply a certain pressure on the ink portion on the screen printing plate with a scraping blade, while moving toward the other end of the screen printing plate. The ink is squeezed by the scraper from the mesh of the graphic part onto the substrate during the movement.

Applicable materials: paper, plastic (such as the surface of snap lock fresh-keeping boxes, electronic photo frames), porcelain (such as mugs), glass, metal

(Such as metal bookmarks), silk gifts, basically flat and smooth product surface can be printed.

Honor Badges

Honor Badges

Laser L0G0:

Laser internal engraving principle: Using a computer-controlled 3D laser engraving machine, the laser is focused at a predetermined position inside the crystal product, which generates pulsed high temperature in a very short time, which instantly causes the crystal to be cracked by heat, forming extremely small white spots and a large number of white spots The predetermined shape is carved / formed inside the crystal, while the rest of the crystal remains intact.

There are two kinds of crystals for laser internal carving:

1. Internal carving plane pattern (such as 2D graphics such as company name).

2. Internal carved three-dimensional pattern: The three-dimensional effect is very strong, which is very suitable for the main products of the enterprise.

Third, hot stamping silver L0G0

Process: The effect is similar to embossing, because it has gold and silver, which adds a high-grade texture.

Applicable materials: mainly used in packaging boxes, paper products, leather goods. Such as the high-end delivery box made by Aoqi Gift Network.

Fourth, imprint L0G0

Process: Use a metal mold to form a mark on the surface of the gift under high temperature and pressure.

Applicable materials: embossed LOG0 is commonly used on leather products (such as leather business card holders and leather notebook surfaces) and some aluminum


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