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Two Ways To Add Manual Patches To Clothes

Want to add some personal style to your favorite denim jacket or bag? Buttons, pins, badges and embroidered patches are a fun and popular way to do it. DIY embroidered patches are actually easy to make! You can choose some fashionable embroidery patches in a treasure, there are many choices, but the beauty of DIY embroidery patch is that you can have any pattern and style you want, and fully show your personality.

Embroidered Patches

This tutorial will show you two ways to make and add embroidery patch floral to clothing. Which method to choose depends on the size of your patch. There is no limit to this, but for smaller designs, such as this fruit pattern element, the effect is very good. Although there are two different ways to make patches, you will find that you can mix and match some techniques. For example, you can use an adhesive to make a felt patch, or use a different needle method.

The first kind of felt stitched embroidery patch

This kind of embroidery patch pattern can trim the felt close to the embroidery pattern, because the felt will not wear like other fabrics. It is also more convenient to thread the needle on the felt. To embroider the felt, mark the pattern with a tracing paper. Be sure to arrange the embroidery position so that there is enough space around the embroidery pattern to trim the patch. No matter how you like to embroider. Satin stitching on small patches looks great, but you can also just embroider the outline. After embroidery, remove the mark.

Embroidery Patch Floral

Next, cut the real patch. You can loosely follow the suture shape shown or cut out regular shapes, such as circles or hexagons. The sample shows nearly 1 / 4 "of felt, so there is enough space to sew the patch onto something. But you can get closer. Just make sure you don't see the stitches to prevent the embroidery pattern from falling off.

Second removable pin patch

Why not make pins that look like badges when you just want to make woven patchs for a while? This method is also very suitable for gifts! It looks simple and easy to use. Just transfer the embroidery pattern to the fabric and sew it. In this example, cloth provides some fill colors for embroidery. You can cut any shape you want for this embroidery pattern, and then cut a piece of felt matching the shape of the embroidery piece. On the back of the felt, sew a strip pin.

Woven Patchs

Fix the two layers together, use three strands of embroidery thread, and start whiplash stitching around the edge. Hide the start knot between layers, coming out from behind. Down to the front so that the pins are very close to each other. They should look like satin. When you run out of thread, tie it with a knot close to the felt. After sewing, you can fix it on the jacket, bag, sweater, etc!

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