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  • Soft enamel badges
  • Soft enamel badges
Soft enamel badgesSoft enamel badges

Soft enamel badges

  • Process: Soft enamel
  • Material:Brass
  • Size:Custom
  • Sample:Free
  • Product description:Custom Soft enamel badges for customers from all over the world are our main business.

Material: Copper, Brass, Zinc alloy, Steel. Stainless steel, Tin

Crafts process: Cloisonne, Imitation cloisonne, Soft enamel. Etched. Die cast, Printing, Laser.

Accessories: Metal clutches, Rubber clutches, Rings, Ribbons, Chains and so on.

Size: custom-made

Q1:Can you do custom designs?

A4: Yes, no problem. Most of our existing products such as Soft enamel badges were designed or customized to order, and we has a strong R&D team, any custom designs from clients will be produced perfectly.

Q2:Is quality guaranteed?

A5: Definitely, quality is the most important factor to maintain a company's reputation, so it's a must! Product Quality is always strictly controlled by our QC staff members before delivery.

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