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Do You Know How Beautiful Embroidered Patches Are?

When a pure color cowboy wears colorful clothes embroidery patches on the outside, he suddenly changes from a fresh and simple everyday style to a fashionable street style. In addition to the black and white cool patch, in fact some rainbows are dotted on the blue denim, the moon and other interesting patches, will also make the overall shape has a certain sense of jumping, the whole person seems to have more a trace of tong qu and vitality.

Clothes Embroidery Patch

Clothes Embroidery Patch

The patch coat here can also be cut from other clothing brands of the trademark, manual DIY sewed in the pure color of the cowboy coat, is it more distinctive and meaningful? Patch is a kind of sewing we will experience when we are young, who can think more than a decade has become the current hot style in the eyes of the street tide.

In addition to do-it-yourself patchwork denim jackets, custom clothing embroidery patches re also popular at this year's fashion weeks. Embroidered denim coats, intricate stitching and rich colors, as well as vivid animal images give a visual shock.

 Custom Clothing Embroidery Patches

Custom Clothing Embroidery Patches

Small and much patch type embroider money also is very popular likewise, one raise a hand one wave sleeve between the small embroider that reveals inadvertently may cuteness turns over you ~ the embroider money that fills originality and evil gout is loved by the youth likewise, the mark of this kind of individual character on the dress also revealed the individual character that wears unruly. Black sleeveless denim jacket if directly worn will certainly give a person a kind of old feeling, but embroidered on the top of the novel and unique pattern will have a kind of old things for a new wonderful feeling.

Embroider besides can undertake on denim coat in creation, bring a kind of delicate and distinctive feeling, wear on our jeans of old also can have the same application at ordinary times actually. Show a rose vine on jeans, top match a black tight sweater, besmeared a red lip, it is the fashionable girl that incarnates modern restore ancient ways simply, mysterious and full of sex appeal ~ match a gout handbag, embroider pattern of pants leg and delicate gout handbag to echo, also be full of wit and wit. Of course, embroider money from time to time MAO, basically depend on the embroider pattern that chooses, if will be the same embroider flower pattern becomes the flower clussia of small flower small flower embroider, show the romantic little idea of the girl.The local design of embroidery money sees a leaf and peep whole body ~ integral embroidery money is the cowboy money that upgrades recreational street for luxuriant and rich court wind dresses.

Clothing embroidery patches are not only useful for everyday denim jackets, they are also useful for sexy leather jackets. Women in leather jackets always have a cool, cool sexiness about them. Women in leather jackets always have a cool, cool sexiness about them. But at the same time also can make the young girl of flower season looks like the old hand of all corners of the country that goes deep into the world, instantly mature show old rise. However, if you add floral embroidery or rivet design to your leather jacket, your overall look will be both sexy and street-cool. A solid leather jacket with rivets will also add a lot to your overall look.

This winter, no matter what you're going to wear, you can always try a design with an embroidered patch

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