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What Role Does Electroplating Play in Making Medals?

We all know that making medals, drawing and die casting or stamping are essential processes. The more important process we should also pay attention to is electroplating, which has also played a very important role in the production of race honor medallion.

Yes, let's take a look at several functions of electroplating when making medals:

Firstly, gold is deposited on the metal medal product by electrolysis, but the performance is different from that of the base material.

Is a cladding technology. Electroplating makes the surface of the medal more uniform than the hot-dip layer, which is generally thinner, ranging from a few microns to tens of microns. By electroplating, you can obtain decorative protective and various functional surface layers on mechanical products, and you can also Repair worn and machined parts. In addition, there are different roles for plating requirements according to various medals.

1.Medallion copper plating: used as a primer to improve the adhesion of the electroplating layer and the corrosion resistance.

2. Medal nickel plating: used as a primer or appearance to improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance, (chemical nickel is the wear resistance in modern technology)

(Force exceeds chrome).

3. Medal gold-plated: Improve conductive contact resistance and signal transmission.

4. Palladium-nickel plating: Improve the conductive contact resistance, enhance signal transmission, and have higher wear resistance than gold.

5. Tin-lead plating: to improve the soldering ability and be quickly replaced by other substitutes (because most of the lead is now changed to bright tin and fog tin)

The right way to save medals:

The medal is a general term for commemorative medal-shaped articles, including three major medals, collection medals, and decorative medals.


Swimming Award medal

Swimming Award medal

The unit price of custom medals ranges from a few yuan to several hundred yuan and is generally priced according to customer requirements. 

Large category-one is a precious metal medal made of pure gold and silver, the second is made of copper or alloy.

Made by electroplating. Both appearance effects are similar, but their own values are very different. The gold and silver medals have the potential to appreciate.

Power and collection commemorative value, but copper or alloy medals only have a certain collection commemorative significance.

Because the medals need to be stored for a long time, the preservation of the medals is very important. Today, the souvenir medal supplier will explain the correct storage method of the medals for everyone:

Avoid getting wet

Most of the medals are made of metal materials, and they are susceptible to rust when exposed to moisture. Therefore, keep them in a dry place away from humid environments. The medals stored in a sealed box are a last resort, so it is best not to open the box to prevent moisture from rusting.

2. Avoid hand molds

Charity organization medal, it is best not to touch it with your hands, especially not to touch it with wet or sweaty hands. Because the medal is directly touched by hand, it is easy to leave fingerprints or sweat marks. When you enjoy playing, you can wear thin gloves or use softer plastic tweezers to pick up.

3. Avoid acid and alkali

Acids and alkalis have a strong corrosive effect on metals, as well as coins on metallic materials. Lighter ones will cause medals to change color and oxidize. Therefore, the medal cannot be placed with acid and alkali; even if rust is removed, it is absolutely necessary to use acid and alkali, and it should be cleaned after use.

4. Avoid bumping

When picking and placing medals, we must prevent friction and collision with each other, especially gold and silver coins. The weight of the medals is heavy and soft, and it is very easy to damage. Avoid the damage of the medals. Even if there are small bumps, do not use a blunt instrument for treatment. It is not advisable to scrub with ointment such as toothpaste. It is better to leave it alone.

5. Avoid fire

Although metal medals will not disappear after being caught in fire, heavy ones will deform the medals, and light ones will destroy the color quality of the medals. The value of its collection will inevitably be greatly reduced, and it is best to store it in a metal cabinet or safe if conditions permit.

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