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Features of Zinc Alloy Medal

Many businesses are not very familiar with the main properties of zinc alloy die-casting production, and it is not clear whether customers' products are suitable for zinc alloy die-casting. Such blindly die-casting results in products that take a lot of effort to make but not satisfactory! As a result, many customers have the illusion that zinc alloys are not suitable for their products, but this is not the case!

When using zinc alloy die-casting, we must first understand the industry of zinc alloy die-casting. We must understand the main properties of zinc alloy die-casting production. It also highlights the important characteristics of zinc alloy die-casting, and helps you customize better and more satisfactory products. Die-casting products!

The outstanding properties of zinc alloy die casting are: zinc alloy mechanical properties and electroplating properties are very good. The surface roughness, strength and extensibility of zinc alloy die-castings are very good. Because zinc has good fluidity, it can be made into thinner products. The larger defect of zinc alloy is that the specific gravity is too large, so the weight and cost of the product are high, which is more suitable for small products.

Features of zinc alloy medal:

In making badges, zinc alloy material is one of the relatively high-quality materials. Because zinc alloy material has good fluidity and corrosion resistance, it is usually used to make medals and badges with collectible value and commemorative significance.

Zinc alloy is an alloy made of zinc and other materials. The color of zinc alloy is the same color as silver. Because of its high plasticity, it is now widely used. It is often used to make medals and key rings. , Badges, medals, plates and other metal crafts. Because the products made with it are not rusty and wear-resistant, a product can often be used for a long time, so it can always be loved by people.

Zinc Alloy Medal

Zinc Alloy Medal

The reason why the zinc alloy does not rust is similar to its own automatic defense system, because the combination of zinc and oxygen in the air will form a dense passivation film on the surface layer, preventing the air from continuing to attack the interior of the metal substrate, thereby achieving The role of protection, after a long time, you will see the zinc alloy surface discolored, but after hanging the surface layer is still the same as the original zinc alloy, no matter how the surface erosion, but it will not become something similar to rust. In addition, many zinc alloy products are now plated with a layer of metal.

The zinc alloy swimming award medal is made of die-casting molds. The products produced are exquisite in workmanship, with sharp edges and corners, and the pattern text is clearly visible. The hardness is higher than that of tin alloy, and it has good wear resistance. The surface of the casting Smooth, less difficult to deform and polished, can be surface treated, such as electroplating, spraying, painting, etc.

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