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What do You Know about Cufflinks? (Down)

Now that it's time to buy cufflinks, here are the types of cufflinks.

The cufflinks evolved by modern society are more convenient for wearing, so the design has been simplified. A metal that can rotate 360 degrees on the back is used to facilitate the wearing and removal of modern gentlemen. Of course, such cufflinks do not deserve much attention, because this one-sided style does not reflect the beauty of cufflinks, and it is also the lowest of all cufflink types.

Fashion personalized cufflinks is more suitable for office workers. It is cheap but energetic. It is inspired by female bow ties and is woven from silk, but it also has a relatively obvious disadvantage-fragile. However, because the price is cheaper, it is more common to throw it away after use.

Applicable to dresses are also often used as substitutes for buttons. Its disadvantages are that it is inconvenient to wear, and if the quality is not good enough, there is also the risk of the ornaments falling off, so special care is required.

Text cufflinks, many people who want to highlight their personality will engraved their name or abbreviation on it, and some companies will give this text cufflinks as a gift to employees when attending special meetings. Role can also make the company's overall image more unified.

Fashion Personalized Cufflinks

Fashion Personalized Cufflinks

Preciousstone cufflinks are very different, but this type of cufflinks generally use expensive metal or gemstones, so the price is higher, and only one side can be displayed at the same time.

Fancy cufflinks are the cufflinks that really show your personality. Generally speaking, it is difficult to get in and out of formal occasions, because there are a lot of weird cufflinks in this category. This is not the same as the original intention of cufflinks, and for formal occasions It's hard to get a chance to show something interesting.

The last type of chain cufflinks, also known as cufflinks, is the most original and traditional cufflinks, and the ancestor of all cufflinks, with its own elegant attributes. The most representative figure is Prince Charles of the United Kingdom. With decades of wearing like a day, it is well-deserved to become the icon of a cufflink.

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