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Medals Read | Factors Affecting The Cost Of Making Medals

Metal medals often represent honors, are commemorative and collectible, and have special emotional factors for the winners. The cost and price of metal medals are also of concern to many friends, so what factors affect the custom price cost of metal medals?

The impact of metal medal cost price depends on the following 5 aspects:

1.The complexity of the process;

2.The grade of raw materials;

3.The amount of raw materials of the product;

4, the number of products;

5.The length of time.

Note: The so-called custom model is a unique medal, and all customization starts from the mold making (sample). So the quality of the mold determines the quality of this batch of finished products.

In recent years, the collection value of metal medals has become higher and higher. The brass medal is the preferred raw material customized by high-end medal merchants. The antique silver community medal is relatively soft. Metal medals are beautiful in appearance, good in texture, and easy to store for a long time.

Antique Silver Community Medal

Antique Silver Community Medal

The production process is roughly divided into:

1. Design artwork for metal medals.

2. Make metal medal molds.

3. Suppression.

4, punching.

5. Polishing.

6, welding accessories.

7. Electroplating and coloring of metal medals.

8. Pack the finished metal medals according to customer requirements.

Some of the common raw materials for metal medals are copper, zinc alloy, gold and silver and other metal materials are also the preferred raw materials for medal customization. It is made by a certain "craft" of the manufacturer.

The badge is a logo plate worn on the left chest, a corporate culture, but now many exhibitions and large-scale events will also customize their metal badges. The badges have a variety of electroplating colors and gold plating. Silver plated, nickel plated, red copper plated, copper plated, bronze plated and so on, but gold plated is the most popular, because, because of the bright gold, and can shine under the light in the sun It feels that the good glossy finish will look very high-grade, but recently, everyone has encountered a difficult problem after taking it for a long time. Then, the original shiny golden badge slowly lost it. The original luster started to turn black and began to oxidize. In fact, everyone should not misunderstand. This is a normal process. Just like our golden ring, it will oxidize when it is worn for a long time. And there is, in fact, the badge is also considered a consumable, with more than a year, in fact, you can change to a new style and new design, it is also possible to make a new batch.

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