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Embroidered patches

  • Christmas gifts embroidery patches
Christmas gifts embroidery patches

Christmas gifts embroidery patches

  • Size:customized
  • Type:Embroidered
  • MOQ:50PCS
  • Sample:Free
  • Product description:Custom clothing embroidery patches is a good gift for supermarkets and shopping malls when holding Christmas promotions. We guarantee quality, on time delivery, reasonable price!

Base material: twill, velvet etc.

Thread: polyester thread, metallic threads(gold&silver)

Embroidery coverage: 50%, 75%, and 100% embroidery

Edge: morrowed edge, laser cut edge, knife cut

Backing: Iron backing, plastic backing, Velcro backing, blank backing

Colros: each patch can be made up to 9colors.

You Can Customize Anything
Besides the ability to customize your own embroidered patches, you can also make ordinary gifts more intriguing with a patch.

If you’re willing to take a bit more time, you could sew patches onto clothing to suddenly make a mass-produced item of clothing one-of-a-kind. A pair of jeans could gain some flair, or a favorite ball cap.

An custom clothing embroidery patches can make even the most basic item into a gift customized for one person. That will automatically take your gift to the next level!

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