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Embroidered patches

  • Custom Military Embroidery Supplier
Custom Military Embroidery Supplier

Custom Military Embroidery Supplier

  • Size:customized
  • Type:Embroidered
  • MOQ:50PCS
  • Sample:Free
  • Product description:We are Custom Military Embroidery Supplier, Choose us, you can be get most careful and thoughtful service!

Base material: twill, velvet etc.

Thread: polyester thread, metallic threads(gold&silver)

Embroidery coverage: 50%, 75%, and 100% embroidery

Edge: morrowed edge, laser cut edge, knife cut

Backing: Iron backing, plastic backing, Velcro backing, blank backing

Colros: each patch can be made up to 9colors.

Because Military Embroidery are so customizable — and such a visible fashion statement — they’re the perfect gift for someone who wants to incorporate their personality into their clothing.

Sewing a lot of patches onto a jean jacket, for example, can tell a story of what someone really cares about. Anything from a volleyball to a flag can represent something that that person loves.

The type of patches also speak to the type of person wearing them. You might choose bright, bold patches for someone with a vivacious personality, or more muted patches for someone quieter.

Whatever you choose, you’ll know that you’ll be giving a gift that reflects their personality, instead of a random object from a store bin.

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