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  • Custom Cheap Souvenir soft enamel copper Medal
Custom Cheap Souvenir soft enamel copper Medal

Custom Cheap Souvenir soft enamel copper Medal

  • Process: Soft enamel
  • Material:Zinc alloy
  • Size:Custom
  • Sample:Free
  • Product description:Soft enamel Medal is one of our main product, We can customize production according to your ideas and needs. Welcome to consult us!

Material: Copper, Brass, Zinc alloy, Steel. Stainless steel, Tin

Crafts process: Cloisonne, Imitation cloisonne, Soft enamel. Etched. Die cast, Printing, Laser.

Accessories: Metal clutches, Rubber clutches, Rings, Ribbons, Chains

Size: Custom-made

Packing: OPP/PC

Custom Cheap Copper Medal FAQ

1. Q: Can I get Custom Cheap Copper Medal samples?

A: To obtain samples, please contact us at the following : Phone: 86+18903063576, Whatsapp: 18903063576, Email: sales02@wowtopgifts.com.

2. Q: What guarantee do I have that assures me I will get my order from you since I have to pay in advance? What happens if the Custom Copper Medal you shipped are wrong or poorly made?

A: We are one of the most professional metal gift manufacturers in China, focusing on solving the questions of promotion plan for our valued customers. Our reputation among customers and their satisfaction are the main reasons for our success.

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