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  • Copper Brass 2D image medal
Copper Brass 2D image medal

Copper Brass 2D image medal

  • Process: Soft enamel
  • Material:Zinc alloy
  • Size:Custom
  • Sample:Free
  • Product description:We can custom kinds of medals of honour for clubs and societies such as Enamel glitter finisher sports hanging medal, marathon running medals and Rotary club zinc alloy medal.No matter what event you

Material: Copper, Brass, Zinc alloy, Steel. Stainless steel, Tin

Crafts process: Cloisonne, Imitation cloisonne, Soft enamel. Etched. Die cast, Printing, Laser.

Accessories: Metal clutches, Rubber clutches, Rings, Ribbons, Chains

Size: Custom-made

Packing: OPP/PC

We are Graduation Medal, Lions Clubs Medal, Antique Bronze Casting Medal, Brass Medal Supplier. These medals are die cast and can be custom made in various sizes, shapes, cuts finishes.

The quality of our medals is extremely superior with even the tiniest of details made visible to the naked eye. Quality is our prime focus and we ensure that the product delivered is always perfect.

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